Project Description

Product name

” We promise to do our best for the excellent quality of the reliable product”

+ Venture company ‘NeoMed’
+ Ministry of National Defense supply enterprise
+ 2002 World Cup and Asian game designation company
+ Exports to 30 countries

Introduction of product

1. Ergonomic & Anatomical design

It is designed ergonomically and anatomically, not to discomfort on the back of waist after wearing. it shall hold your waist safely and freely. It shall prevent from 2nd damage as providing regular supporting power on the waist.

2. 4-way Hi-Prene Material

a)It provides adequate pressure for joints and reduces edema
b)Like human skin, it stretches in 4 directions (up, down, left, right) and is similar to human skin.
c)Due to the nature of the material, there is no reaction at room temperature, but when it comes in contact with the temperature of 37 degrees, it radiates natural heat to perspirate the skin and extract waste products to circulate blood.
d)The material is soft and resilient

3. Bio Ceramic ball

Bio ceramic ball emits far-infrared radiation continuously.

4. Spring Support

The 4-way spring that stretches up & down and right & left ensures soft support during movements. Very flexible and stable.

5. Double belt

Double blet with three point pressure Ergonomic designed double belt is developed based on three point pressure principle to support the knee as controlling pressure on patella.

What is Hi-Prene material?

Hi-Prene uses the thinnest 1.5 fabric that ensures soft and comfortable wearing. Hi-Prene Velcro Material in particular is comfortable, durable, flexible and resist-tearing than other existing neoprene fabric.

How to wear

Please understand how to use it.


A. spread your knee
B. Put it on the middle of patella
C. Wear the lower wing first


Wear the upper wing


Attach triangle mono band on inner knee


Triangle mono band
A. Attach Lower wing on the calf
B. Attach upper wing on the thigh