Project Description

Product name
Neo ankle strong

” We promise to do our best for the excellent quality of the reliable product”

+ Venture company ‘NeoMed’
+ Ministry of National Defense supply enterprise
+ 2002 World Cup and Asian game designation company
+ Exports to 30 countries

Introduction of product

1. Ergonomic and anatomical design

The ergonomic and anatomical design allows the user to feel comfortable after wearing. It can be freely used with constant fixing force and prevents secondary injuries

2. 4WAYS hi-pren material

1)It provides adequate pressure for joints and reduces edema
2)Like human skin, it stretches in 4 directions (up, down, left, right) and is similar to human skin.
3)Due to the nature of the material, there is no reaction at room temperature, but when it comes in contact with the temperature of 37 degrees, it radiates natural heat to perspirate the skin and extract waste products to circulate blood.
4)The material is soft and resilient

3. Wear comfort GOOD! Prevent Run down

neo ankle strong is a cross-shaped design, not one-way, preventing run down.
Custom ankle suppot that can be used like customized when worn.

What is the Hi-Prene material?

Hi-Prene uses the thinnest 1.5 fabric that ensures soft and comfortable wearing. Hi-Prene Velcro Material in particular is comfortable, durable, flexible and resist-tearing than other existing neoprene fabric.