Project Description

Product name

” We promise to do our best for the excellent quality of the reliable product”

+ Venture company ‘NeoMed’
+ Ministry of National Defense supply enterprise
+ 2002 World Cup and Asian game designation company
+ Exports to 30 countries

Introduction of product

1. JC-7200 NEO KNEE HEALTH is designed ergonomically and developed like custom-made support suitable for everyone from 10 to 100 ages all over the world.
2. NEO KNEE HEALTH is made of elastic Hi-Prene which is stretchable in 4-ways.
It has good physical properties, elasticity, strength of stability and dhesion. Also it provides comfortable support on the knee.
3. The harmless silicon inside provides comfortable cushioning in every step.Worn under knee joint.

What is Hi-Prene material?

Hi-Prene uses the thinnest 1.5 fabric that ensures soft and comfortable wearing. Hi-Prene Velcro Material in particular is comfortable, durable, flexible and resist-tearing than other existing neoprene fabric.

How to wear

Please understand how to use it.


Place the part with silicon in the middle part below the knee.


Wrap around the knee and fasten


The complete look