Project Description

Product name
Neo smart ankle support

” We promise to do our best for the excellent quality of the reliable product”

+ Venture company ‘NeoMed’
+ Ministry of National Defense supply enterprise
+ 2002 World Cup and Asian game designation company
+ Exports to 30 countries

Introduction of product

1. Neo Smart ankle support is

a pure domestic product, superior to any other country in the world

2. Neo Smart ankle support provide

humidity control. Low thermal conductivity maintains constant body temperature, moisture content is zero. It is characterized by not sweating.

3. It is a patented product that

excellently maintains the freshness without stickiness on the skin.
It is 70% lighter than cotton, 40 times faster, and is a functional support with absorbency and dryness.

4. It can be worn on harmless, non-toxic, odorless, atopic skin, weak skin, problematic skin.

When you wear this product, you do not have any sense of discomfort, clinging feeling, unpleasantness and always provide comfort and comfort.

What is Neospan material?

It is made of good ventilation, and it gives the user always comfort and comfort. It is also thin, light and resilient. It does not have any unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling when worn for a long time.

How to wear

Please understand how to use it.


Unfold the product


Insert your foot with NEOMED facing upward


Wear it in the middle of the ankle