Project Description

Product name

” We promise to do our best for the excellent quality of the reliable product”

+ Venture company ‘NeoMed’
+ Ministry of National Defense supply enterprise
+ 2002 World Cup and Asian game designation company
+ Exports to 30 countries

Introduction of product

1. Ergonomic and Anatomic design

JC-7220 NEO KNEE GOLD is ergonomically designed to offer quality knee support to all ages.
With its ergonomic and anatomical design, users shall feel instant comfort from its initaial use.
It firmly holds the knee freely and safely from further damage.

2. Wearing Sensation GOOD! Non-slip

The especially cross-designed NEO SMART KNEE SUPPORT allows variable compression to every user. It ensures custom-fit and provides lasting comfort over extended period of use.

What is Neospan material?

They are made of breathable material to provide comfort to the user at all times, using Neospan for air circulation Provides comfort to users. Also, it is thin and since resilient, it is light, It does not have a sense of heterogeneity. It keeps close contact with the ankle and provides sustained strong support.

How to wear

Please understand how to use it.


Unfold the product as shown in the picture


Slide it on the legs, making sure the NEOMED logo facing upward on top until it reaches the center of the knees


Wear it until the center of the knee reaches the middle part of the knee support