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CEO Greetings

The medical support, sports support and health care products manufactured,
exported and sold by our company are supported by the Korea Information Technology Agency
and invited world-class designers from France, USA, UK, Germany and other countries.

NeoMed has a history and tradition of about 50 years of professional manufacture of orthopedic clamps and orthopedic supplies.
As a company of craftsmanship that continues the family business for the second time, it manages with a dynamic corporate spirit.

We have a good chance to inform the world about medical supports, sports supplements and health products manufactured in Korea.
We aim to export to over 100 countries from 30 exports.
We will grow into a company that is essential for a world that serves the whole humanity

So, we want to inform the world consumers of the best products,
which are developed with world-famous designers and combined with world-class quality and economical prices.

NeoMed received CE marking in Europe, US FDA (license number 9044922), permission from domestic food companies,
and was selected by the government as a 2002 World Cup and Asian game designation company.

NeoMed has a history and tradition of manufacturing medical supplies, sports supplements and health care products,
but more development is valued, and ergonomic design and top-of-the-line ingredients produce the best products.

As a result, we have been making valuable dollars in the world. We have been exporting our excellence to the Ministry of
National Defense and the 1,700 medical companies and 4,000 pharmacies in Korea.
We are recognized in 36 countries. Registered and approved by the Chinese Patent Office.