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Technology Introduction
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Technology Introduction

Product information

NeoMed uses its own research and development materials and materials

Air Hi-Prene 01

Air Hi-Prene is clearly different from all existing neoprene
materials. It is made of the thinnest fabric that doesn’t
deform as it stretches in four ways!
Durable, very elastic and ensures good wearing comfort.

02 Hi-Prene

Hi-Prene uses the thinnest 1.5 fabric that ensures soft
and comfortable wearing.
Hi-Prene Velcro Material in particular is comfortable,
durable, flexible and resist-tearing than other existing
neoprene fabric.

Air Mesh 03

The strong ventilating AIR MESH (mesh type) always
provides maximum comfort as it allows air circulation
through the whole back.
The thin, light and strong AIR MESH supports the
waist firmly without discomfort over extended period
of wearing.

04 Neo Mesh

The surface fabric is specifically designed with many
small holes to promote excellent air circulation to the
closely knitted mid-fabric cushion.
The fabric lining can be worn without any sense of
difference or discomfort giving freshness to all users.
Neo Mesh is an outstanding functioning fabric that
boast excellent elasticity as well as high-tensile strength.

Neo Smart Gel 05

Neo Smart Gel is made of excellent, soft and fluffy smart gel
that absorbs shock and provides great protection for soles.
It is designed to fit for all people providing soft cushioning in
every step.